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If you are looking for top quality picture hanging service in London, then look no further! Our experience and knowledge have brought us to provide professional art installation and picture rail installation services for both residential and commercial clients. We work closely with private collectors, art advisors, interior designers, art exhibitions and galleries to ensure that your art is safely and meticulously hung with precision.

Professional Picture Hanging Service

Our professional art installation service hung this painting using a picture rail hanging system - near London, UKOur team are experts in hanging pictures of all shapes and sizes, on every type of wall imaginable. From brick and concrete to plasterboard, marble and mirror walls, our installers use a wide variety of hooks, hangers and fittings for every possible space. We provide professional artwork installation services to a vast array of art collectors and exhibits, but also restaurants, offices, schools and more! No matter the size or style of your project, you can certainly rely on Artwork Install for a beautiful and safe installation.


Our picture hanging services include:

  • Large and heavy frame hanging
  • Picture hanging at height and on double-height staircase walls
  • Picture compositions and gallery walls
  • Art hanging on slanted walls and ceilings
  • Picture lighting installation
  • Anti-Theft security picture hanging
  • Picture hanging on marble and glass walls without drilling
  • Hanging photos, posters and vinyls
  • Framed murals, maps, tiles, plates, reliefs and wood carvings

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Picture Hanging Systems

Our experienced art handles installed these artworks using a STAS picture hanging system UKAlthough initially created for museums and art galleries, picture hanging systems are becoming more prevalent everywhere from hotels to offices to private homes. We offer supply and installation service on a complete range of hanging systems from STAS, Artiteq and Newly so that it would be possible to easily hang frames of different size and weight in seconds, keeping your space free from holes in the walls when hanging art in the future. Picture hanging systems let you quickly add or remove artwork and change layouts by simply rearranging the pictures on cords or rods.


Our picture rail hanging system services:

  • Wall and ceiling mounted systems
  • Art hanging on mirror and glass walls
  • Traditional brass rail and chain picture hanging systems
  • Picture rail with 12v power supply for picture lighting
  • Systems for suspended ceilings
  • Anti-theft art hanging systems
  • Traditional wooden picture rail 

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Gallery Wall Installation

Our professional picture hangers installed this gallery wall for MinaLima. Exhibition installation, London, UKA thoughtfully designed gallery wall is the perfect way to add a personal touch to your home. If you have artworks or photographs, framed and ready to install, but do not know how to fill in your chosen space in the best possible way – leave that to us! Curating and installing a variety of artworks and different frames can be time consuming and difficult process, which we can expertly handle.

We also help you create a beautiful photo wall of your personal photographs. We’ll go through all the ones that you love, then check them for size and quality. Next, we will help you choose a combination of images that work well together, creating the ideal look for your wall. Once you are happy with the selection of images, we have them professionally printed, framed and installed.


Our Gallery Wall Services Include:

  • Personal visit home consultation
  • Space identification and measurement
  • Creating a digital layout of a gallery wall
  • Printing and framing 
  • Gallery wall installation, including over stairs and on slanted walls
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Professional Mirror Hanging Service


Our expert mirror hanging services ensure that mirrors of all sizes and weight are properly hung on your wall, no matter what the material is.
Through years of experience in providing professional mirror hanging, we know the best hardware to use for every type of mirror/wall combination and can guarantee a safe installation.
If necessary, we install special mounting hangers to the back of the mirror to maximise the holding capacity. Furthermore, we offer the option to install invisible safety locks on the back of the frame, meaning that it can only be removed with the use of a special key, which makes it theft and child safe. 


Our expert mirror hanging services include:

  • Large and heavy mirror installation
  • Heavyweight mirror hanging on plasterboard walls
  • Illuminated mirrors installation
  • Antique gilded mirror hanging
  • Mirror hanging on marble and glass walls  

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Picture Lighting Installation

Beautiful artwork livens up everything in a room, while a good picture light further enhances the impact it can have. Each piece of artwork is unique, thus requiring a picture light that is best suited for its size, shape, power and other characteristics. We provide you with recommendations for the perfect light for any piece of art before our electrician will install the necessary power supply and stealthily run the cables through the walls. Then, our art installation experts will hang the artwork and adjust the light to ensure proper light distribution.


Our picture light installations include:

  • Frame and wall mounted picture lights
  • CRI:98 LED fire rated picture downlights and spotlights
  • Wirelessly controlled picture lights
  • High CRI, dimmable, emitting zero heat and zero UV picture LED lights
  • IP rated downlights for wet areas
  • Made to size picture lights
  • Wiring and associated decoration works
  • Picture rail systems with integrated 12v power supply for picture lighting


    Orluna Picture Lighting - Luminaries      Solutions for Wirelessly Controlled Picture Lighting   Stas Picture Rail Hanging Systems

Art Placement Consultation Service

Art Placement Consultation If you have recently expanded your art collection and require a recommendation on how to place it to maximise its effect, then placement consultation is exactly what you need. Our knowledgeable art installers will examine the pieces as well as the desired area of display, then make recommendations on the best way to present it.

We identify the ideal location to display each piece of art by taking a wide range of factors into consideration. From window and door placement to the height of the ceiling, we create a strategic placement plan that allows viewers to interact with the collection as a whole. By creating a visual flow across all pieces, we strive to deliver an unmatched viewing experience while protecting the art from locations that can cause damage through heat, UV exposure or physical contact.


Our art placement consultation services include:

  • Advice on placement artworks
  • Picture hanging system advice
  • Artworks lighting advice
  • To-scale 3D rendering of your artworks in your space

Get in Touch!

“I am a rather new art collector and had just purchased five new pieces to add to my home. The team at Artwork Install were very helpful in advising me where the best place to install them would be. They then did an excellent job of hanging the pieces and I could not have been more thrilled with the result.” 

“Incredible picture hanging service! We had just 48 hours to put together an art exhibit for a local painter with a large collection. We knew from prior experience that Artwork Install team would be able to help us out and they did exactly that. Highly recommend to any art gallery owner!”

“My husband and I had recently moved from Edinburgh to London with our entire collection of high end art in tow. New to the city, we were recommended Artwork Install by a friend. Their knowledge of the art space and proper placement techniques was apparent from the first day. We cannot say how appreciative we are to Anton and the others for their fantastic work.”

“I collect and deal art very frequently. Many pictures come on and off of my wall each week. They advised me to install a picture hanging rail to save myself the hassle. As a result, it was installed and has made my life much easier. It is certanly very fast and helpful service.”

“Anton was extremely professional and did a wonderful job hanging some heavy mirrors at my bosses’s country home outside of London. He did this at short notice and was punctual so thank you very much. We will definitely use your services again.”

“We found a stunning mirror for our wedding boutique, however it was much heavier than our old one and we had no idea what to do with it. After a quick meeting, Anton advised that he could use special hooks to hang it from the wall just outside our fitting room. We are extremely pleased at how the mirror hangs and cannot express our gratitude more for the help.”

“As a small gallery, we needed to maximise the space from which we could hang pictures. The Artwork Install experts added a picture rail from our ceiling which essentially doubled the area from which we could hang pieces. Most importantly, it now gives us the option to move artwork around easily whilst changing the layout as we acquire new works for the gallery.”

“Anton is my saviour as an art advisor! I curate over 15 shows per annum which can be hectic, but I know that I can always rely upon their excellent installation services without having to spend my day supervising. True experts of the craft.”

“Our business recently received some beautiful paintings as a gift. We truly had no idea where or how to hang them. The kind people at Artwork Install came to our Soho location and installed all five pictures in just hours to brighten up our office environment.”

“When a commissioned painting arrived at our hotel lobby, we were shocked at its size and weight. The artist recommended we contact Artwork Install and we did so that very moment. They sent over an installation expert that worked with us to find the perfect location in our hotel lobby. They created a special hanging aparatus for the painting which allowed it to be hung perfectly the next day. Therefore, 5 Stars for their service and dedication.”

“I purchased a Dale Adcock as the prized piece of my collection. The light I had over it was old and off-coloured. Artwork Installation did an immaculate job of installing professional grade LED picture lights that illuminate the piece just as it deserves.”

“Anton and his assistant arrived on time and immediately put protective overshoe coverings on, which I thought was a nice touch. They held the painting so I could get a good view of where it should be positioned. They then centred the painting (on a stairwell) and left with no mess. I would definitely recommend their services.”

“Anton turned up at the agreed time, came equipped with everything he needed including shoe cover, floor protectors, and a vacuum cleaner and quietly and efficiently got on with hanging four prices of art. He advised as to positioning and fixings and completed the job without any fuss or hassle and to a very high standard. A first class service, nice guy and thoroughly professional. I’d have no hesitation in using their services again or recommending to others.”

  • Friendly and experienced art technicians
  • Trained at the Chelsea College of Arts
  • Fully equipped and organised
  • Top quality picture hanging hardware
  • 5 Million GBP public liability insurance
  • Affordable rates, no hidden charges

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    We are based in London, although we will travel to other parts of the UK and abroad if required for your project.

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    Do you offer picture hanging service near me?
    We are based in London, although we will travel to other parts of the UK and abroad if required for your project.

    Email [email protected]